Eau de cologne Petit Ange (100 ml)


Eau de cologne Petit Ange (100 ml)

Eau de cologne Petit Ange

Volume: 100 ml

Author: Patricia de Nicolai

Brand: Nicolai Parfumeur et Createur

Country: France

Top notes: bergamot, grapefruit, mandarin;

Middle notes: lilac, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, sandalwood;

Base notes: musk, vanilla, benzoin.


Delicate powdery-floral, with soft lilac and citrus shades, fragrance for children from 2 years old. Patricia de Nicolai introduced it when her daughter was 6 months old.


NICOLAI Parfumeur Createur is a niche brand created in Paris in 1989 by hereditary perfumer Patricia de Nicolai.

Born in the Guerlain family, with which the greatness of the French perfume tradition is largely associated, Patricia de Nicolai received her chemical and perfumery education at the High School of Perfumery ISIP (now ISIPCA) and, only gaining the necessary experience in the large Florasynth and Quest fragrance laboratories (now Givaudan) founded her own independent company.

For a quarter of a century, the NICOLAI brand has developed an unconditional reputation as the “gold standard” of modern nicheness, since the brand embodies everything that connoisseurs expect from “perfumes not for everyone”: a recognizable author’s style, originality, loyalty to the canons of high French perfumery, virtuoso work with ingredients, intelligence and dignity.

The brand’s fragrances are designed, created, packaged, stored and shipped to customers around the world under the sole control of Patricia and her team. This approach to work does not imply colossal circulations, but it does imply a truly creative and responsible attitude to their own product.

Against the backdrop of the crisis that the perfume industry is experiencing today (the reason for this is overproduction, and the dominance of marketing and legislative bans on many ingredients!), NICOLAI fragrances look like a happy exception. Most of them sound as if there are no prohibitions and restrictions, and their author allows herself to work in the same manner that her great colleagues worked at the beginning of the last century – obeying genuine creative impulses, without regard for momentary, petty reasons.

The fact that NICOLAI fragrances are special, “made for eternity”, but at the same time sounding surprisingly modern, is easy to see when you get acquainted with any of them. Very different – noble chypres, delicate florals, whimsical amber, radiant esperides – they are united by the recognizable creative style of their creator, who is convinced that a genuine fragrance is “like a small door behind which there should be paradise.”


Patricia de Nicolai