Pillow Hassan

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Pillow Hassan

Size: 50х50 cm

Author: Bénédicte Picolillo

Brand: Voglio Bene

Country: France


“Food is tasteless unless seasoned with at least a pinch of madness” (Erasmus of Rotterdam).
This famous philosopher’s quote appears on the back of every tray which is made by the French artist Benedict Picolillo. In the prints he creates – sharpness and madness. Benedict relocates the heroes of serious paintings to frivolous modern backpacks, pillows, trays and cosmetic bags. And to possess these items is tantamount to a recognition that you, following the creators of the brand, are again and again ready to be surprised.


They are witchy. Yes, “witchy” is the most appropriate definition for the prints of the French artist Benedict Picolillo, who relocated the heroes of famous paintings to frivolous modern backpacks, candles, pillows, bags and cosmetic bags. VOGLIO BENE (it. “I love”) is about the readiness not only to love the whole world, but also to create it as if from anew, conjuring over the paintings of old masters and eternal stories. Bright colors, irony and a thirst for beauty are enough for the author for luxurious make-up for Mary Magdalene, and for the philosophical tattoos of St. Sebastian, for thickets of outlandish flowers around medieval Madonnas and for the flawless manicure of the latter, for the plumage of birds of paradise, for magnificent clothes and for picturesque nudity… And this whole fantastic world, the beauty of which is just right to close your eyes, is wonderfully and fearlessly embodied in real, quite utilitarian items, like backpacks or coffee trays. Owning them is tantamount to admitting that you, following the creators of the brand, are again and again ready to surprise and amaze.


Art, Black, Pink


Voglio Bene


50 x 50 см


Hand embroidery, print