Our authors are artists, craftsmen, designers who honor the traditions of handicraft production.

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Boutique “Le Chevalier by Akcenty” is a unique place which contains collections of designer jewelry, niche fragrances, designer interior items from more than thirty European masters, mainly from Italy and France and, of course, Latvia.

All items are handcrafted, often in small family-run ateliers, and combine ancient craftsmanship traditions with contemporary design and modern technology.

Most of the authors have been awarded the honorary title “Living Heritage of France”, two authors are holders of the Order of the Legion of Honor. Our authors collaborate with leading fashion houses, and among the owners of their works are such world celebrities as Elton John, Madonna, Catherine Deneuve, Steven Spielberg and many others.

“The next day I left Simferopol and on the way I thought about the need to love and pity people, at least good people. And sometimes you need to give them some gifts. And then those who give, and those who receive, feel great in their souls..

And those who do not give people anything, but instead present them with unpleasant surprises, have a gloomy and disgusting soul. Such people wither, and suffer from nervous eczema. Their memory is weakening, and the mind is darkened. And they die prematurely.

Good people, on the other hand, live extremely long and are in good health.”

M. Zoshchenko. “Thirty years later”

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